K-Challenge (Funded by our collective shopping)

Taylor's Karate Club (TKC) was established since 2020 and has stood out among other fresh and veteran clubs by upholding our activeness through social media as well as executing regular training sessions.

This club aims to promote the Japanese unarmed martial arts, Karate which emphasizes the overall improvement of an individual in terms of moral, physical and mental aspects such as the development of self-defense, mental perception and body movements.

K-Challenge is Taylor's Karate Club's biggest signature event that is held once a year and to be carried out within two weeks. There are 5 activities to be held throughout the event for a good cause as an encouragement of the development of skills and collaboration. Including the fields of physical, mental, problem-solving, productivity and innovation.

DRigueur understand the vision, the mission and the core value in TKC to organise E-Challenge event. Therefore, to support this event, DRigueur provides shopping vouchers via a shopping platform https://my.shop.com/ibuyishop to the community of TKC and supporters. All Market Malaysia exclusive products purchased by you, starting Oct 18, 2021 till Jan 14, 2022, 10% discount will be given to your purchase (promo code: 10OFFMA) & another 10% from product sales will be donated to fund TKC near-future events in 2021/2022.

You can support this event by
1. Register a FOC (free-of-charged) account. Click here.

2. Start to shop at
https://my.shop.com/ibuyishop | https://my.motivescosmetics.com/ibuyishop | 
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3. General recommendation of Health Supplementation (Key benefits: Faster absorption rate, Patented ingredients and Back-up by science, Halal-certified by IFANCA)
- Eyes Health: Vizion / Astaxanthin
- Heart Health: Fish Oil / Coenzyme Q10
- Gut Health: Digestive Enzyme / Aloe Vera Juice / Fibre
- Bone Health: Calcium / Vitamin D with K2
- Super Anti-oxidant: OPC3
- Liver Detoxification: Timeless Evergreen / Curcumin
- Anti-inflammatory: Bromelain Plus

Example 1: An active Karate club member – Sean bought a bottle of Bromelain Plus (Vegan & Halal certified) on Oct 20, 2021 at retail price RM270.00 to help body’s tissue recovery/repair & maintain healthy joint function.

Sean saves 10% (ie. RM27.00), so he pays RM270.00 – RM270.00 * 10% = RM243.00
DRigueur contributes 10% (ie. RM27.00) to TKC, ie. RM270.00 * 10% = RM27.00

Example 2:  Rosemary plans to buy a jewellery with her 4 other siblings as a Christmas present for their mother. Finally, they decided on a Violet – Round Cut Tennis Bracelet (Yellow with Green Gemstones) at retail price: RM399.00 on Dec 10, 2021. Each of them pay only RM71.82 (instead of RM79.80).

Rosemary saves 10% (ie. RM39.90), so she pays RM399.00 – RM399.00 * 10% = RM359.10
DRigueur contributes 10% (ie. RM39.90) to TKC, ie. RM399.00 * 10% = RM39.90

Example 3: Mark wants to buy lipstick for his girlfriend - Kate as a present. He then gets Kate to try the colour online. She selects Motives Cream Lipstick - colour: Euphoria after checking on before/after effect. Mark buys it online (https://my.motivescosmetics.com/ibuyishop) on Jan 01, 2022 at retail price: RM91.

Mark saves 10% (ie. RM9.10), so he pays RM91.00 – RM91.00 * 10% = RM81.90
DRigueur contributes 10% (ie. RM9.10) to TKC, ie. RM91.00 * 10% = RM9.10

6. After the purchase, complete google form: https://forms.gle/vZfGUkSbXMK6zGAm9  

7. For any product/order enquiry, please email to support@drigueur.com or 33sherrytan@gmail.com for clarification.

8. DRigueur is promoting the concept of “Shopping Annuity”, identifying the shopping behaviour from our family & friends to plan & consolidate their spending on a platform, and with the aggregate spending power can fund non-profit organization, campus-wide academic society and social enterprise on their daily operation or events.

9. As a company embracing entrepreneurship, we continue to offer internship opportunities to undergraduates who are keen to explore on business opportunity related to e-commerce marketing. For interested candidates, do email your resume to support@drigueur.com.